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How to Spot him at a Dinner Party

The Aquarius guy is the one at the dinner party, who is wearing the bright orange shirt, comfortable grey slacks, smiling and chatting it up in a group at the dinner party. You notice he is not speaking with just women but the men too. He seems happy.. and friendly. He motions you in to come and join the conversation. You walk over shy and nervous but happy to be invited over. He asks your name and then delightfully introduces you to the group. You are instantly attracted to his self confidence and find him sexy. You want to get to know him, but he won't stop chatting it up with the guy to his left...something about theaters...and technology.

Personality & Characteristics

Aquarius Boyfriend House Rulership

Eleventh House: Hopes, Dreams, Wishes, Groups, (with older people) Friendships, Ambitions, The Internet/Technology The Aquarius boyfriend may have you as a second priority in his life and his hopes, dreams and aspirations as his first. (hopes, dreams, wishes) Its nothing personal, its just that Aquarius feels best when he has his future planned out to the letter. He Loves to socialize and may even be on stage in theatre (groups)He makes a great friend. Someone who is stable, wise and practical that you can call on at any time (older friends) He is very Ambitious and strives for the best in all that he does, and the highest income possible(Ambitions)

Aquarius Boyfriend Planetary Rulership: Uranus

Shock, Freedom, Disruption,The Unexpected, Independence, Eccentricity, Creativity, Electricity, The Future, Rebellion The Aquarius boyfriend may be the hardest guy of the zodiac to “decode.” Even for me...but I think I get Aquarius boyfriends like to plan for the future, this includes tommorow, and ten years from now (future) and believe me he sticks to his plans. He understands that in life things can happen (shock, disruption) at any time, and that nothing is guaranteed to go as planned. so it is best to be prepared, as best as you can, by having money saved up in the bank.

That being said when Aquarius is not planning for the future, he is very creative and likes to engage in activities and entertainment that bring him pleasure, such as writing his own fiction novel, or going to see a play, or visiting an art Gallery. The Aquarius mind is naturally very creative (creativity) The most important thing to know about the Aquarius guy is that he likes his freedom and independence, the more you treat your “relationship” like a friendship, the more you will get to know him. Aquarius men do not like restriction of any kind, and if they sense they are being restricted or told not to do something, they tend to rebel. (Rebellion)

Aquarius Boyfriend Love and Dating Behavior

  • Shows up for dates on time
    • Dresses in cheap clothing sometimes
  • Does not like to let you know exactly how much money he earns
  • Is very fun to be with and easy to talk to
  • Get's along well with your friends too
  • Feels at home in creative environments (park, art class, theater class)
  • Might say things just to get a reaction out of you
  • Falls for a woman who is sexy and has her own cash to spend
  • Does not push for intimacy
  • Can talk for hours if you don't cut him off
  • Plans for the future
  • Will refer to your relationship as a “friendship” (don't take it personal)
  • Very organized, and always wears a watch
  • May appear aloof sometimes
  • Makes Friends wherever he goes

  • Aquarius Boyfriend Love Compatibility Aquarius Boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend

    The Aquarius Boyfriend will teach Aries Girlfriend to focus, and to not be so easily distracted. The Aries Girlfriend teaches Aquarius Boyfriend to loosen up, not to be so focused on the outcome of things. A great love match. A

    Aquarius Boyfriend & Taurus Girlfriend

    These two have a lot in common. The won't know it at first. These two are both goal oriented, and driven to obtain the finer things in life. These two understand that having goals, and pursuing love, is definitely possible. A great love match.

    Aquarius Boyfriend & Gemini Girlfriend

    Aquarius Boyfriend finds his perfect match in the Gemini Girlfriend. Two Air signs, stimulate each other mentally and take a lighthearted friendship approach to romantic relationships. A great love match indeed.

    Aquarius Boyfriend & Cancer Girlfriend

    The Cancer Woman and Aquarius Boyfriend have a lot in common. The both like to plan and prepare for the future, and create a warm and comfortable home. They are both very charismatic, and friendly, and do well in work/office environments. A great love match.

    Aquarius Boyfriend & Leo Girlfriend

    Aquarius Boyfriend is The opposite Zodiac sign of Leo. However, if they see their differences as complementary, rather than a strain, They can make the greatest of life and love partners. A great love match.

    Aquarius Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend

    The Aquarius Boyfriend may kind of get on the Virgo Girlfriends nerves. The truth is through these two have a lot in common. They like things in order, they like to plan and keep their daily commitments. Can they create love amongst the order...only time will tell. A good love match.

    Aquarius Boyfriend & Libra Girlfriend

    The Libra Girlfriend is a perfect love match for the Aquarius Boyfriend. They are both intellectuals who enjoy Art, Social Events, and pondering lifes mysteries. These two hit it off because they both like to philosophize about life mysteries.

    Aquarius boyfriend & Scorpio Girlfriend

    Aquarius Boyfriend may be too aloof and futuristic for Down to earth Realistic Scorpio. These two are different, but opposites attract. If Aquarius Boyfriend wants to Settle down, Scorpio Girlfriend is the perfect match. Scorpio women are unchangeable and pair up for the long haul.

    Aquarius Boyfriend and Sagittarius Girlfriend

    Sagittarius Girlfriend makes a perfect love match for the Aquarius Guy. These two hit it off. There is instant chemistry and admiration. The Sagittarius girlfriend may have a strong personality. The Aquarius boyfriend smooths the rough tide. A great love match.

    Aquarius Boyfriend and Capricorn Girlfriend

    Aquarius Boyfriend may be too aloof for the Down to Earth Capricorn Girlfriend. These two have planning for the future in common, but will have to put the love first to go the long haul in love and relationship. Could be a great love match. Aquarius Boyfriend & Aquarius Girlfriend Soul mate experience. These two have a lot in common. Same zodiac sign. Always a great love match.

    Aquarius Boyfriend & Pisces Girlfriend

    The two have some things in common. Pisces is thought and feelings. Aquarius is though and more thought. These two hit it off because they are different yet the same. Could potentially be a great love match. Just be aware to respect each others differences.

    Aquarius Boyfriend Best Love Matches

    Aquarius Girlfriend, Libra Girlfriend, Aries Girlfriend, Sagittarius Girlfriend

    More About the Aquarius Boyfriend

    Aquarius Boyfriend As Husband and Father

    As a Husband and Father Aquarius man is fantastic. His family is an achievement, and his achievements are forever. He will be your best friend, will offer advice whenever needed, and he has energy to help you with household errands. He plans for the future of his self and his family- to the letter. As a Father the Aquarius man is friendly and understanding. But expects the absolute best of his children. He will guide them on future planning, staying focused, and achieving their highest dreams hopes and aspirations.

    Aquarius Boyfriend Trust and Monogamy

    The Aquarius man is faithful, but…You must define your relationship with him if you expect him to be monogamous. Some Aquarius men view romantic relationships as “friendships.” So if you want to be his girlfriend and be “exclusive,” perhaps this is conversation that needs to be had. Be sure you are not in the “friend” zone in his mind. You can trust him, but ask him how he sees you and the your dating relationship before you start making assumptions.

    What not to Expect From Aquarius Boyfriend

    Don't expect this guy to sweep you off your feet with sweet words and extravagant gifts...Aquarius men are not like that. They like to partner with women who are independent, taking care of their own business. Aquarius Boyfriends believe that your money is your money and my money is my money...something they do not get mixed up.

    The best thing about the Aquarius Boyfriend

    The best thing about the Aquarius boyfriend is...they are so easy to talk to. You will always have a friend in an Aquarius male. Also they are the best person to take with you to try something new. They are very open minded and rarely say “no” to going along to a new place, or to try something they never have before.

    What turns him on?

    A woman who is making her own money and taking care of her body and health.

    What Turns him off?

    Asking him to pay for your (expensive) stuff.

    What’s he like in the bedroom?

    Aquarius men are very “open minded” in General...and they are very turned on by a woman with confidence who is also open minded. However if you try something new, just know being a fixed air sign, he will probably want to do it again, and again, and again….
    Did you know that Aquarius is an "Air Sign?"

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