Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So lets see its 11;29 pm I thought I just did my first blog but apparently I did not. I cant find what I wrote and feel VERY confused. On a more positive not lets try this again. So Im a relationship astrologer with a focus on compatibiltiy. I always want to know what a guy is really like inside if im going to date him so I check his stars.
I can do the same for you. My website is my email is and mini readings about your guy. or you can visit my website at you will come across things like does he have the potential to cheat, is he secretly abusive, is he the marrying type. also astrological dating advice by his sun sign like...aries, libra, scorpio, gemini, aquarius, leo, sagittarius, cancer, scorpio, pisces, taurus, capricorn, virgo. my hands hurt good night.

what the....

I dont know whats going on all I know is this is hard and I cant find my very first blog.

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