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How to Recognize Sagittarius Man at a Dinner party

Offering the hostess a drink. manicured fingernails, smells of expensive men's cologne. He has a smile that makes you want to get undressed. “He is sooo taken” you think to yourself, “..but we could still be friends...right?” You go over, and walk by and hope he says hi. You notice how stacked and masculine he appears to be, all the while still looking sexy and limber, in his knitted wool sweater. As he takes your u hand to shake it gently, and says hi, you notice the smell of “cool mint” coming off of his breath. A true Gentleman in every sense of the word...Chivalry is alive and well tonight. Congratulations, you have just met Mr. Perfect...and he really wants to settle down.

Sagittarius Man Personality and Characteristics

Sagittarius boyfriend House Ruler ship,Ninth 

Higher Leaning, Law, Philosophy, Religion, Spirituality, Astrology Sagittarius Boyfriend is intelligent and goal oriented, He is interested in self improvement, Higher learning and aquiring the finer things in life. (higher learning) The 9th house also rules (Law, )so Sagittarius know how to follow rules and order to achieve the success they desire. Sagittarius boyfriends make great conversationalists (philosphy) about a variety of topics, But thier specialty is spirituality (Religion/spirituality) Many Sagittarius boyfriends will practice some type of spirituality and have spiritual/Religious beliefs.

 Sagittarius Boyfriend Planet Ruler ship, Jupiter:

Expansion, Abundance, Luck, Success, Benevolent, Optimistic The Sagittarius Boyfriend does not allow the grass to grow under his feet (expansion) he cannot stand stagnation. He is interested in expansion, and a better more abundant lifestyle. Many Sagittarius in general, are able to attract the things they desire with ease, such as money, a bigger house, a successful partner etc. (abundance) The planet Jupiter, also represents (luck) So Sagittarius boyfriends tend to be lucky, Which translates to benevolence (benevolent) due to their optimistic mindset. (optimistic)

Sagittarius boyfriend dating behavior

Will see the best in you Will take you to the finest Restaurant for dinner May show up in a large expensive vehicle Has a job that pays well Is a perfect Gentleman at all times Expects you to be your best always Is Positive and easy to get along with Plans long and short distance travel dates Is very stylish and wears the expensive clothing Will help you improve your self if you desire Is Straight forward and opinionated

Sagittarius Boyfriend Love & Compatibility

Sagittarius Boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend

Sagittarius boyfriend and Aries Girlfriend have a lot in common, however they may both be too stubborn to create a harmonious long lasting relationship. If one of you can be flexible and “allow” the other to lead, this could be a good love match, otherwise...may cause some strain.

Sagittarius Boyfriend & Taurus Girlfriend

Taurus Girlfriend may be a bit to down to earth and wise for the outgoing and optimistic Sagittarius boyfriend. If the Sagittarius boyfriend is ready to settle down and commit himself life and love, this could be a great love match.

Sagittarius Boyfriend & Gemini Girlfriend

Gemini is Sagittarius opposite zodiac sign. In astrology we say opposite signs may experience periods of stress and strain in love. However I feel that opposites can learn from and teach each other valuable lessons about life and love such as patience and understanding. So, this could be a great love match if the commitment is coming from both sides.

Sagittarius Boyfriend & Cancer Girlfriend

Sagittarius Boyfriend will find his “lady” in the Cancer female. Cancer women are feminine very outgoing. They tend to be funny, and they seek marriage from an early age. Sagittarius men love a woman who takes care of her appearance knows what she wants, and acts like a lady at all times. A great love match.

Sagittarius Boyfriend &Leo Girlfriend

The Leo Girlfriend is supposed to be a great love match for the Sagittarius man. However these two may also but heads. Two fire signs are not always compatible. This is because fire signs tend to be, outgoing and sometimes “slightly” aggressive about getting what they want. If you both are committed to the relationship and love is more important that winning, this could be a great love match

Sagittarius Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend

Virgo Girlfriend is feminine, goal oriented, pays attention to detail, and is great at organization taking the lead. The Sagittarius boyfriend, loves a strong woman, someone who knows and loves her self, someone who is physically attractive. These two hit if off because they value the same things. A great love match.

Sagittarius Boyfriend & Libra Girlfriend

The Libra Girlfriend is supposed to be the perfect love match for the Sagittarius man. I once knew a couple with this combination. The sag guy fell hard for the Libra girl, but she was too young to appreciate his husband qualities. A great love match for those ready to commit. Otherwise Libra girl may be too flighty, for serious ambitious Sagittarius Gentleman. Sagittarius Boyfriend & Scorpio Girlfriend These two teach each other a lot about life. The Sagittarius boyfriend si success driven, ambitious, outgoing and seeks the finer things in life. The scropio Girlfriend is penetrating, can keep a secret for ever, and will hold a grudge like no body else. These two get a long because they both want what to have a quality experience out of life A good love match.

Sagittarius Boyfriend & Sagittarius Girlfriend

A soul mate experience. Two zodiac signs in love.

Sagittarius Boyfriend & Capricorn Girlfriend

Capricorn woman is down to earth, driven to succeed and knows what she wants out of life. The Sagittarius Boyfriend is also very down to earth, driven to succeed and knows what he wants out of life. These two have a lot in common, they just go about it in different ways. They can teach each other how they achieve their goals.

Sagittarius boyfriend and Aquarius Girlfriend

Aquarius is one of the best zodiac love matches for the Sagittarius boyfriend. In Astrology we say that air feeds fire. So The Aquarius girlfriend will feed the fire of her Sagittarius boyfriend. A great love match indeed.

Sagittarius Boyfriend & Pisces Girlfriend

Pisces may be too sensitive and moody for the ambitious hardworking Sagittarius boyfriend. Sagittarius men are very outgoing try not to take things too seriously. Pisces women tend to need attention in order to feel validated by their loved ones. A good love match is Sagittarius boyfriend is willing to be sensitive to the emotional needs of his Pisces Girlfriend.

Sagittarius Boyfriend Best Love Matches:

Sagittarius Girlfriend, Leo Girlfriend, Aries Girlfriend, Libra Girlfriend, Aquarius Girlfriend

Sagittarius boyfriend Trust and Monogamy

Yes you definitely can trust a Sagittarius boyfriend. Sagittarius men like to show the world how great they are. part of their greatness is to have a wife, a house, a solid career, an over flowing savings account, two kids playing in the front yard, the whole 9 yards. So, Sagittarius men don't really seek out women just for one night stands if they are already with someone that they love.

Sagittarius Boyfriend As Husband and Father

As a Husband The Sagittarius man is Optimistic, Adventurous and very supportive. He will expect that the two of you will strive for a successful happy lifestyle. The Sagittarius husband is serious and has an expansive out look on life. As Father, the Sagittarius man is strong, optimistic and benevolent. He will teach his children how to strive for success in whatever profession he/she chooses. The Sagittarius man is a strict disciplinarian when he has to be, but most of the time he is friendly and affectionate with his children.

The Best thing about The Sagittarius Boyfriend

Sagittarius Boyfriend is the true Gentleman of the Zodiac. If you are dating one then you already know this. A Sagittarius boyfriend shows up smelling nice, opens the car door for you, takes you to best restaurant his budget can afford and treats you like an absolute lady the whole time. You couldn't find a better boyfriend than the Sagittarius male.

What turns him on?

The Sagittarius man is turned on by a woman who is strong, not clingy, attractive and secure.

What turns him off?

The Sagittarius man is turned off by a woman who, seems to have no direction in her life, who goes out late at night to drink alcohol and party, and who make no plans to settle down and carve out a career or future for her self.
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