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capricorn boyfriend, dating a capricorn male

Capricorn Boyfriend Dating behavior

Dresses in fine tailored expensive clothing for dates Drives a clean expensive car Expects you to arrive clean and neat Is very friendly and outgoing Will be very well liked by your parents and friends May wear some expensive jewelry Is deciding if he wants to keep dating you or not May give you some advice on life on the first date May become bossy at times May raise his voice May Is usually very attractive to the opposite sex Enjoy intelligent conversation above his years

What not to expect from Capricorn Boyfriend

Dont expect the Capricorn boyfriend to follow your lead. He may do it at times, but truely he will lead and you will follow. Saturn is too big and too experienced.

Capricorn Boyfriend As Husband and Father As a husband The Capricorn boyfriend is very committed. He will expect to make the large decisions in the relationship. As long as you are comfortable with this, then things should go smoothly.

As a father the Capricorn man runs a tight ship. He expec…