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Gemini Male Best Love Match

Gemini Male Personality

Lovers compatibility astrology Reading


The Gemini Male is an interesting man to say the least. Staying quiet is not the easiest thing for him to do. Unless hes drunk! And they do love to drink! Some.

Most Gemini Males tend to be skinny. Dont ask me why thats just the way it is. You can read more about other guys too on my website gemini males and love matches They tend to have quick digestive systems. Wanna know if they are manogamous? They are. They dont gaulk after women the way some guys do. You will notice trought my writings which sign I highly recommend and which ones...You get the picutre. So they do look at women but dont make a point of talking to her weather single or in a relationship. If the gemini male is single he will want to approach women he is interested
in, as "a friend." Which can make him quite successful. So He will communicate. Loves to entertain, hang out with friends, the gemini male is pretty much up for anything. So want to know his best love matches. Well in first place. A gemini woman is his best love match. In second place. A Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo woman is his love match. And in 3rd place (not so great by the way) Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer woman. And last The Sagittarius woman. Not recommended for the gemini male. Thanks yall check out the website for more info on compatibility for your dating friends or to find out more about some guys. love compatibility astrology for men and women

Gemini Males Best Love matches:

From the Air Zodiac Signs

  • Gemin Male & Gemini Female
  • Gemini Male & Aquarius Female
  • Gemini Male & Libra Female

From the Fire Zodiac Signs

  • Gemini Male & Aries Female
  • Gemini Male & Leo Female
  • Gemini Male & Sagittarius Female
Gemini Male gets a long best with other air signs, or with fire signs.

Gemini Boyfriend

How to Recognize him His clothing appears as if two different people dressed him for the occasion. Jeans, and a dress shirt. He notices you from across the room. He bows out from the crowd he is in... and approaches you as if you are old pals. He introduces himself and asks your name. 5 minutes has passed and he hasn't stopped talking. You are in stitches with you wonder…”does he want to get to know me…?” or “Is he just using me so that he has someone to keep on talking to...?”

Personality & Characteristics

Gemini Boyfriend House Rulership

Third House: Brothers & Sisters, Short Distance Travel, Languages, Information, Twins, on the go The Gemini boyfriend likes Close personal relationships with others. (Brothers/Sisters) Because of this he gets on well with sibling in laws. Many Gemini men are very versatile and can make friends anywhere they go. He has a natural knack for building a bond with people quickly(twins) and with ease. The Gemini Boyfriend is the perfect person to take on short trips, in out of the city. (short distance travel) As he loves short distance travel, and new stimulating environments. Gemini is a Zodiac sign all about talking, exploration, communication, and duality. (languages) So, you will never be bored by having a Gemini Boyfriend in your life. Gemini Boyfriend Planet Rulership, Mercury Communication,Duality, Versatility, Diversity, Literature, Technology, Mobility Because Gemini is ruled by Mercury, boyfriend may be talkative, and enjoy reading newspapers books and magazines (literature) and surfing the internet. He likes to move around and be “on the go” (mobility). Because of his dual nature, he enjoys meeting and even dating women, of various cultural backgrounds than his own.(versatility) The Gemini boyfriend may be in a profession of teaching (communication) or may be a student, in a foreign language class (language)

Gemini Boyfriend Dating Behavior

Gemini Boyfriend Dating Behavior Enjoys talking over drinks and dinner Will make you laugh anywhere at any time (yes out loud!) Forgives easily When in love will call you more than once a day Prefers to dress down rather than dress up for dates (jeans, hockey jersey etc.) Will tell you he loves you...soon Is seeking the soulmate of his life, but isn't really aware of it Gets along well with his Girlfriends family members Will order the fattening and unhealthy foods on the menu Likes to go out with his buddies on the weekends Will buy you cards, flowers, and teddy bears for special dates/occasions May lose interest in you if gain too much weight May drink alcohol and get drunk often

Gemini Boyfriend Love Compatibility

Gemini Boyfriend & Gemini Girlfriend Gemini Girlfriend and the Gemini boyfriend will have a soulmate experience as a couple. They both seek their soulmate, success in career and friendship, and have an abundance of charm and wit to share with each other. An Excellent love match. Gemini Boyfriend & Cancer Girlfriend The Cancerian Girlfriend is seeking her night in shining armour. Gemini Boyfriend is seeking his soulmate. (Twin) These two can build a happy household together if they are ready to settle down. A great love match. Gemini Boyfriend & Leo Girlfriend The Leo Girlfriend and Gemini boyfriend are a great love match. They both enjoy making each other laugh, they both enjoy having the finer things in life, and they both like spending time with friends and family. A great love match. Gemini Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend The Virgo Girlfriend and the Gemini boyfriend, are a good match if both want to take the relationship to the next level. Virgo is flexible, down to earth, and likes to look is great at making a first impression. Gemini is flexible, chatty, and likes to make a good first impression too. A good love match. Gemini Boyfriend & Libra Girlfriend The Gemini boyfriend and the Libra Girlfriend make an excellent love match! Both are air signs, both enjoy stimulating conversation. I know a Libra woman who date a Gemini Boyfriend...They were such a cute couple! Gemini Boyfriend & Scorpio Girlfriend The scorpio Girlfriend and Gemini Boyfriend, not the greatest love match astrologically but they could go the long haul. Gemini is easy going, and flexible, seeking his soulmate. Scorpio, is set in her ways, has a heart of Gold, and wishes she could just meet “the one.” A potential for a great love match. Gemini Boyfriend & Sagittarius Girlfriend The Gemini Boyfriend and the Sagittarius Girlfriend are opposite Zodiac signs. Physical Attraction is high, common interests may be low. Could work out if the players know their positions. Could become a good love match with time, and understanding. Gemini Boyfriend & Capricorn Girlfriend I have never heard of a capricorn dating a Gemini. Capricorn is down to earth, and outgoing, great at achieving success. Gemini is airy, likes meeting new people, and is great at getting what he wants. Makes a great love match if they have already started a family together. Gemini Boyfriend & Aquarius Girlfriend The Aquarius Girlfriend is one of the best love matches for the Gemini boyfriend. These two will enjoy much playful conversation, and dinner parties hosted at home. A great love match. Gemini Boyfriend & Pisces Girlfriend Pisces Girlfriend is warm sensitive, and likes to have a good time. She awaits the man who will support her through thick and thin. The Gemini Boyfriend loves to socialize, is very witty and funny, and likes to support his woman. A great love match. Gemini Boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend The Aries Girlfriend is energetic, open minded, and strong. The Gemini Boyfriend is energetic, free spirited and flexible. Great for marriage and business partnerships. These two make a great love match. Gemini Boyfriend & Taurus Girlfriend Gemini Boyfriend is a nice compliment to the Taurus Girlfriend. Taurus are great at setting goals, staying organized and keeping her commitments and promises. Geminis like to stir things up, are very loyal, and make a great partner or ally in any venture. This couple can accomplish anything they put their heart & minds to. A great love match. Gemini Boyfriend Best Love Matches Gemini Girlfriend, Libra Girlfriend, Aquarius Girlfriend, Aries Girlfriend, Leo Girlfriend

More About the Gemini Boyfriend

Is the Gemini Boyfriend the monogamous type? The Gemini boyfriend is definitely the monogamous type. Gemini dreams of his perfect soul mate with whom he can spend the rest of his life. They don't call his zodiac sign “The Twins” for nothing. Gemini thrives and beams when he is in a love relationship! Gemini Man As a Husband & Father As husband Gemini will be your best friend and your greatest Ally. Gemini waits his whole life to get married and settle down. As husbands they are romantic, easy to get along with, enjoys earning a good income for his family, and gets along well with his children. What not to expect from a Gemini boyfriend Dont expect the Gemini boyfriend to be quiet. He really cannot! Talking is what the Gemini male does. He is naturally funny, charming, and knows how to make people feel good so that they trust him. Communication is what he does, you just cannot stop it. So if this type of thing bothers you, I recommend you find another zodiac sign to date. The Best Thing About The Gemini Boyfriend The Gemini Boyfriend has a lot of energy to share. He is quick with his feet and his tongue. He loves to talk. If you are ever hosting a dinner party, or just want to impress someone, invite them over to meet your Gemini Boyfriend/Husband. Believe me they will look at you in a more positive light after that. This is because Gemini is skilled at the art of manipulation. But hey, you benefit too. What turns him on? Gemini Boyfriends are intellectuals. He is turned on by ideas. If you want to seduce him, try whispering something in his ear that you would like to try in the bedroom with him...that will get him going. What turns him off? Gemini boyfriends because they are so open minded, they do not like close mindedness, any mention of prejudgement of others may send him packing. Gemini boyfriends like people from all walks of life. What's he like in the Bedroom? The Gemini Boyfriend is most likely interested in making you laugh in and outside of the bedroom rather than knocking your”knocking your socks off” in the bedroom.. Gemini guys are more interested in the before and after of the love making, and the time you two spend together, sharing chatting and enjoying each others company.. 

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Astrological Compatible Libra Sun Signs

So Im at the bar the other day. When Jupiter is trineing venus. And the bar tender who is my friend, tells me that his friend thinks Im cute. So Im like how flattering. So I rush of to tell me other friend that the bar tenders friend who wasnt there by the way thinks Im cute. So his friend is sitting there listening to me tell my friend about this guy. So after wards I settle in and decide to get something to eat. So I guess that guy got the impression I was single from my conversationa and started to talk to me. We got to talking about birthdays and signs. And he Mentions hes a Libra so Im like thats so cool. So we talked a little more without my friend there and then he gave me his telephone number telling me like I dont already know that being sinlge isnt fun. Then he was off to work. This made me feel good cause I was starting to think I just didnt pick up guys anymore. But I do and his Sun Sign is compatible with mine. For more information on compatible sun signs visit my astrology website

Dating advice: Allow single men to notice you.

Allowing single men to notice you. This is an important subject for women. But its sunday april I really dont know, its nic out side and Im on my way to the store ill finish this when I come back.

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I hope you enjoy yourself here.

Hello my name is Rajni.
I hope you enjoy my website and my blog. I write these because I have to get it out. I need to tell the world what I know so I can save them pain. Or just to make them more aware. I can help you with problems you may be facing. Like tough times, sad times, break ups new lovers. There is a girl who works at the store near my house. She would alway complain to me that she didnt have a boyfriend. So I told her to tell me her birthday I told her when she would meet somebody new. WEll he arrived a month earlier than predicted but it did happen. I love to help my friends using astrology. So I want to help you too. I have at least 12 books on the topic and always seem to bring it up in my conversations with friends you can read some more about me and astrology on my website by checking out "the astrologer" page. So please send me questions. Especially about boyfriends. (I love those) Until next time take care and have fun!!!

Planet Venus

Venus. Everybody knows Venus. Does every body know what she represents? Venus in a persons birth chart demonstrates the way in which they love. It also shows wheather that person is demonstrative in expressing that love or not.

Venus in a persons birth chart shows in a sense how they relate to others. Weather in a loving way or somewhat detached. Have you ever met someone who would get personal with you after only knowing you just... <------This is an excerpt from my website.

If you are inlove with a Pisces man you have a man who is very romantic at heart.
He wont always show it but when he does, he will touch your heart. Pisces
are sensitive caring and highly supportive. However when hurt sometimes they
want to hurt back. Most of them have this undercontrol. Another thing to be aware
of is they dont mind lying to their girlfriends and other people to keep the <------This is an excerpt from my website.

Did you know that Venus is exhalted in Pisces. Making Pisces a very deep feeling astrology sign. I wouldnt want to have my Venus in Pisces Im already sensitive as it is having my venus in scorpio. I cry when Im sad. Some people just get mad. That must be nice huh. Well its a nice thing to have when someone wants to share their feelings at least I can relate. Unlike some fire signs. Who just trample on you while you are down and then apologize for it after wards. TOO LATE BUDDY!!!

UNTIL next time take care and have fun.

Taurus Male Boyfriend

If you are inlove with a taurus man, you can expect your guy to be on time
and reliable. They are the collectors of the zodiac and take pride in the
things they own such as their car and their money. You are probably nodding
your head right now. They love to laugh, have fun, keep fit and maintaing
a healthy bank balance. This "routine" can get a little too routine
after a while.

So you are probably wondering why I write this stuff huh. Well I asked myself the same
question today. Its so that I can warn women before they go and have the experience. So in a way I guess I am letting them "use" me. In a nice way (hehe)
I want them to know what they are getting into. Use my 13 years of experience and "archiving." So in the first paragraph I was being nice. NO MORE MISS NICE GIRL!!
Taurus is cheap. They do not like to spend money unless its on their car or something they feel is worth it like something superficial. But not all are like this all the time. Well actually yeah all ...give it some time it will show in him too. Pay attention ladies pay attention. If this guy is your husband, well its too late to get out now. Personally a cheap guy makes me feel...well, like I dont want to be around him. It really turns me off. Would you rather have dinner at burger king or a nice french restaurant. Case in point!!!
Until next time take care and have fun.

"Astrology signs what the...?"

Basically what you know about is the sun sign. The sun sign represents your personality. It is based on the time of the year for arguments sake you were born.
How can people make such generalizations? Well yeah I would ask the same question if I wasnt an astrologer. Ill tell you what those generalizations are true. I know it because Ive been studing this for 13 years. Let me give you an example. Gemini is chatty friendly and easy going. Leo is generous out going and have a real "zest for life." Sagittarius wants to explore and be free to expand. Virgo is neat and organized. Scorpio is quiet yet penetrating. Cancer is nurturing and protective. (of themselves and others) Well perhaps your sign is one of those mentioned.
Are you convinced yet. Keep stopping by you will be soon if you are not already.
Until next time take care and have fun.

Aries Male, Characteristic dating and Love

Aries Boyfriend Personality

  • Aries male
  • Aries boyfriend
  • Aries man
  • Dating an Aries Guy

Aries House Rulership: The First House

The first house in Astrology is the house of ….

  • Physical Self
  • Initiation
  • New beginnings

From this we can deduce that the Aries boyfriend enjoys new beginnings, such as dating a new woman, and trying new things, (new beginnings) has a keen sense of his own physical needs and desires,(physical self) and is great at taking the lead (initiation)

Aries Planetary  Rulership: Mars

  • War
  • Aggression
  • Sex
  • Male
  • Ego
  • Combat
  • Motivation
  • physical Energy
  • Determination
  • Impulses
  • Challenge
  • Winning

From this we may deduce that the Aries boyfriend may be somewhat dominant personality (aggression) and that, depending on his mars sign, he may have an abundance of energy to expel more than the average person of another zodiac sign (physical energy) We also know that The Aries male is knowns as one of the best lovers of the Zodiac too. (sex)(ego)

Element: Fire
Characteristics of Fire sign Zodiacs:

  • Energetic
  • Powerful
  • Fun
  • Adventurous
  • Ambitious
  • Aggressive
  • Dominant
  • Forthcoming
  • Movement

Aries Boyfriend Compatibility

The rules for compatibility Astrology are as follows…

  • Air zodiac signs feeds fire zodiac signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius feed Leo, Sagittarius, Aries)

  • Water zodiac signs feels good in earth zodiac sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, feel good with, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

  • Zodiac signs of the same Elements Always get along
  • Zodiac signs that are Opposites attract but cause strain

Aries Boyfriend Best Love Matches:

  • Aries boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend
  • Aries Boyfriend & Gemini Girlfriend
  • Aries Boyfriend & Aquarius Girlfriend
  • Aries Boyfriend & Sagittarius Girlfriend

Worst Love Matches:

  • Aries Boyfriend & Leo Girlfriend
  • Aries Boyfriend & Libra Girlfriend (opposites)

Opposite Zodiac Sign:

An Aries man “opposing Zodiac Sign” is Libra. In Astrology we say that when you date your opposite Zodiac sign there may be some turbulence  in terms of love and compatibility because these two zodiac signs see things from opposing views.

Little in Common...?

A Libra girlfriend will hit is off with an Aries boyfriend
in dating, but they may later find they have little in common that builds and maintains a long lasting relationship. Its good to know the birth chart, and compatibility astrology assessment of both the male and the female to get a clearer picture.

Aries Boyfriend Love & Dating

Aries Boyfriend Expectations in Love

Expects Gratitude!

When Aries is in love he expects his girlfriend to be pleased with his chivalrous behavior and to show him with her kind words and feminine gestures (such as a kiss) that she is thankful.

Be yourself

Aries men also expect you to be yourself, so do not worry about choosing the wrong outfit, or saying the wrong thing, the Aries boyfriend enjoys the challenge of getting to know you.

Whine Later!

Aries boyfriends enjoys being around people who are happy, so if you are typically a whiner, leave your whining at home, on date night with your Aries guy, you can whine later, after dating season wears off.

Aries men fall in love with a woman that is….

Feminine and fun to be around, so dont forget that extra squirt of perfume, dust off that red lipstick you hesitate to wear out in public, and start wearing your sexy almost trashy clothing. Aries men love it all. Aries men are very visual and sensitive to the female appearance, so any visual stimulation while dating,  will be much appreciated.


Aries men like a woman who is pretty and attractive and takes care of f herself. Again, All men are visual, but Aries is especially visual and attracted to a woman's outer beauty.
Other than that the Aries boyfriend does not expect much in love. Only that you will truly be his friend and girlfriend. He will invite you to go many places and to try new things. If you want to make him happy, simply smile and say “Yes, I will go”


One more thing...The Aries male have a lot of energy so they like to burn it with his girlfriend if you know what I mean. If you are the Athletic type all the better, chances are your Aries boyfriend met you while shooting hoops at basket ball, or while on the Tennis court hanging out with a friend. If your Aries guy is young chances are he is into some type of sports, or athletisism.

Aries men go crazy over a woman that is independent has her own life, and her own money. The busier you are the better, the Aries man will notice you from a far.  

Aries Boyfriend in dating behavior

  • Buys nice gifts such as chocolate and flowers
  • Shows up on time for dates
  • Will laugh and talk as friends
  • Will introduce you to his friends and family
  • Will take you to his favorite restaurant
  • Will open the car door for you
  • Will chase you if he has to
  • Calls on the phone late at night
  • Enjoys long passionate kisses
  • Loves to hold hands
  • LIkes to make plans for the next date quickly

What not to expect from an Aries Boyfriend

If you are dating an Aries boyfriend don't expect him to be extra sensitive, and talkative about his feelings and emotions. Aries is not that type of zodiac sign. The Aries boyfriend is much better at surprising you with new exciting gifts, whispering sweet nothings in your ear, and touching you in ways that make you feel sexy and beautiful. 

Dating an Aries boyfriend is kind of like using your laptop. You will have to type in exactly what it is you want, in order to get the results you desire. Just tell your Aries bo what you want, and watch him bring it right back to you, or do exactly the thing you said. This is the exact thing the Aries boyfriend thrives on...physical movement...and doing things that make his girlfriend happy.

Aries boyfriend and affection

feminine sexy and desired. Aries boyfriends are very touchy "feely."
Remember the planet mars represents the male, so Aries boyfriends, have a special physical appreciation for their girlfriends. An Aries boyfriend make for the perfect date.

Aries boyfriend and loyalty

Well...the whole inspiration for this book was that i wanted to help women to understand their man using astrology, and I wanted to let some women know that certain zodiac signs cannot be trusted. Let me put it this way, if you are dating an Aries boyfriend, keep dating him. Allow him to show you in time that he is in for the long haul and not for some short term fun and adventure. Some...Aries guys...find themselves seeking out the next new adventure if you know what I mean. Not all Aries men are like this….only some, it really depends on his mars sign placement if you want to know for sure, if he is a real skirt chaser or a keeper.

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A new kind of "Cheat Sheet"

The information you are about to read is very general. It is based on one sign your boyfriends sun sign.

Which men are most likely to cheat by astrology sign:

  • Aries

    Which men are really loyal by his sun sign?

  • Scorpio
  • Libra
  • Gemini
  • Cancer

    Which men are the "best in bed" by astrology sign?

  • Aries
  • Virgo
  • Scorpio?

    Find out if your boyfriend fits the bill by
    having a full boyfriendology report done on him.
    check out my website
  • Wednesday, April 9, 2008

    Dating in toronto can be tough. I know from personal experience. The whole time I dated I wanted a tool. Something that was gonna let me know. Hey this guy is a jerk. Or hey this is not going to work out. It really sucked when I like a guy only to find out all he wanted from me was a little time between the sheets. It would always start out nice. But then, BAM he turns into a salavating dog. Looking for his next bone and Im the virgin Mary. "I dont think this is going to work out." I would have to say-yet again! I was getting tired of it. So I tried so many different things. Older men. Younger men. Men of different ethnic back grounds but it all came down to a few things. Did we like eachother. Was I the girl for him. Was he the guy for me. Did he make enough money. ( I only wondered about that if I didnt really like the person he was but still wanted to keep dating him just to keep me busy) Anyway it seemed so hard to get a match. I remember one friend of mine saying to me "Raj, you are too picky. You make the whole thing so difficult." Well why shouldnt I I wondered if this guy was going to get into my pants he may as well be worth it. These are some sites to check out. I had to move them so I put them in my blog.
    Esoteric websites and resources

    - Esoteric websites and resources

    The Body Soul & Spirit Online Community An Online Community & Expo - a unique concept tradeshow and comprehensive web directory focusing on holistic health alternative medicine diet nutrition spirituality astrology psychic readings angels and much more. Metaphysical New Age Spiritual Directory Submit your site Alternative Esoteric God Goddess Shaman Shamanic Astrology Aromatherapy Aura Breathwork Chakra Chi Gong Chiropractic Color Therapy Hypnotherapy Huna Lomi-Lomi Massage Meditation NeuroLinguistic Programing NLP Personal Coaching Prayer Reflexology Reiki Shamanism Sound Therapy Support Groups Tai Chi Transpersonal Psychology Vegetarianism Green Man Mother Nature Aboriginal worship prayer meditation healing gem stones crystals jewelry energy work shaman healing psychic counseling shopping goods products services suppliers tools retail wholesale dealers

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    Vedic Astrology & Detailed Horoscope-Indian Astrology:
    Vedic (Indian) Astrology & Vedic Horoscope Consultation by expert astrologer from India. 2007 Astrology & 2007 Horoscope report is also available.Free birth chart and horoscope based on Moon Sign.

    New Free Directory

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    boyfriend astrology

    Astrology compatibility love and signs

    boyfriend astrology is my favorite topic. (forgive me I recently moved from Quebec and sometimes the french effects how I type in english) Like the word feminin is it with or without the e at the end (feminine) Im not sure.
    Well my website is about
    • astrology
    • compatibility
    • signs
    • love
    • health tips
    • zodiac
    • astrologer

    coming soon


    dating advice according too his sun sign and there is so much more to come. You may check it out or drop me a line her on the site.

    Ive been asked what is my favorite thing about astrology. I say informing others. letting people know the truth. no matter what it is. but this is all for women ofcourse and the benifit of their relationships.

    Boyfriend Astrology: Love, Dating, Marriage, Best love matches, compatibility

    Boyfriend Astrology Virgo Boyfriend & Virgo Man Personality Traits Virgo is the guy at the dinner party who can't...