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Gemini Male Best Love Match

Gemini Male PersonalityLovers compatibility astrology Reading
The Gemini Male is an interesting man to say the least. Staying quiet is not the easiest thing for him to do. Unless hes drunk! And they do love to drink! Some.

Most Gemini Males tend to be skinny. Dont ask me why thats just the way it is. You can read more about other guys too on my website gemini males and love matches They tend to have quick digestive systems. Wanna know if they are manogamous? They are. They dont gaulk after women the way some guys do. You will notice trought my writings which sign I highly recommend and which ones...You get the picutre. So they do look at women but dont make a point of talking to her weather single or in a relationship. If the gemini male is single he will want to approach women he is interested
in, as "a friend." Which can make him quite successful. So He will communicate. Loves to entertain, hang out…

Astrological Compatible Libra Sun Signs

So Im at the bar the other day. When Jupiter is trineing venus. And the bar tender who is my friend, tells me that his friend thinks Im cute. So Im like how flattering. So I rush of to tell me other friend that the bar tenders friend who wasnt there by the way thinks Im cute. So his friend is sitting there listening to me tell my friend about this guy. So after wards I settle in and decide to get something to eat. So I guess that guy got the impression I was single from my conversationa and started to talk to me. We got to talking about birthdays and signs. And he Mentions hes a Libra so Im like thats so cool. So we talked a little more without my friend there and then he gave me his telephone number telling me like I dont already know that being sinlge isnt fun. Then he was off to work. This made me feel good cause I was starting to think I just didnt pick up guys anymore. But I do and his Sun Sign is compatible with mine. For more information on compatible sun signs visit my astrol…

I hope you enjoy yourself here.

Hello my name is Rajni.
I hope you enjoy my website and my blog. I write these because I have to get it out. I need to tell the world what I know so I can save them pain. Or just to make them more aware. I can help you with problems you may be facing. Like tough times, sad times, break ups new lovers. There is a girl who works at the store near my house. She would alway complain to me that she didnt have a boyfriend. So I told her to tell me her birthday I told her when she would meet somebody new. WEll he arrived a month earlier than predicted but it did happen. I love to help my friends using astrology. So I want to help you too. I have at least 12 books on the topic and always seem to bring it up in my conversations with friends you can read some more about me and astrology on my website by checking out "the astrologer" page. So please send me questions. Especially about boyfriends. (I love those) Until next time take care and have fun!!!

Planet Venus

Venus. Everybody knows Venus. Does every body know what she represents? Venus in a persons birth chart demonstrates the way in which they love. It also shows wheather that person is demonstrative in expressing that love or not.

Venus in a persons birth chart shows in a sense how they relate to others. Weather in a loving way or somewhat detached. Have you ever met someone who would get personal with you after only knowing you just... <------This is an excerpt from my website.

If you are inlove with a Pisces man you have a man who is very romantic at heart.
He wont always show it but when he does, he will touch your heart. Pisces
are sensitive caring and highly supportive. However when hurt sometimes they
want to hurt back. Most of them have this undercontrol. Another thing to be aware
of is they dont mind lying to their girlfriends and other people to keep the <------This is an excerpt from my website.

Did you know that Venus is exhalted in Pisces. Making Pisces a very deep feeling ast…

Taurus Male Boyfriend

If you are inlove with a taurus man, you can expect your guy to be on time
and reliable. They are the collectors of the zodiac and take pride in the
things they own such as their car and their money. You are probably nodding
your head right now. They love to laugh, have fun, keep fit and maintaing
a healthy bank balance. This "routine" can get a little too routine
after a while.

So you are probably wondering why I write this stuff huh. Well I asked myself the same question today. Its so that I can warn women before they go and have the experience. So in a way I guess I am letting them "use" me. In a nice way (hehe)
I want them to know what they are getting into. Use my 13 years of experience and "archiving." So in the first paragraph I was being nice. NO MORE MISS NICE GIRL!!
Taurus is cheap. They do not like to spend money unless its on their car or something they feel is worth it like something superficial. But not all are like this all the time. Well act…

"Astrology signs what the...?"

Basically what you know about is the sun sign. The sun sign represents your personality. It is based on the time of the year for arguments sake you were born.
How can people make such generalizations? Well yeah I would ask the same question if I wasnt an astrologer. Ill tell you what those generalizations are true. I know it because Ive been studing this for 13 years. Let me give you an example. Gemini is chatty friendly and easy going. Leo is generous out going and have a real "zest for life." Sagittarius wants to explore and be free to expand. Virgo is neat and organized. Scorpio is quiet yet penetrating. Cancer is nurturing and protective. (of themselves and others) Well perhaps your sign is one of those mentioned.
Are you convinced yet. Keep stopping by you will be soon if you are not already.
Until next time take care and have fun.

Aries Male, Characteristic dating and Love

Aries Boyfriend Personality

Aries maleAries boyfriendAries manDating an Aries Guy

Aries House Rulership: The First House
The first house in Astrology is the house of ….

Physical SelfInitiationNew beginnings

From this we can deduce that the Aries boyfriend enjoys new beginnings, such as dating a new woman, and trying new things, (new beginnings) has a keen sense of his own physical needs and desires,(physical self) and is great at taking the lead (initiation)

Aries Planetary  Rulership: Mars

WarAggressionSexMaleEgoCombatMotivationphysical EnergyDeterminationImpulsesChallengeWinning

A new kind of "Cheat Sheet"

The information you are about to read is very general. It is based on one sign your boyfriends sun sign.

Which men are most likely to cheat by astrology sign:


Which men are really loyal by his sun sign?


Which men are the "best in bed" by astrology sign?


Find out if your boyfriend fits the bill by
having a full boyfriendology report done on him.
check out my website
Dating in toronto can be tough. I know from personal experience. The whole time I dated I wanted a tool. Something that was gonna let me know. Hey this guy is a jerk. Or hey this is not going to work out. It really sucked when I like a guy only to find out all he wanted from me was a little time between the sheets. It would always start out nice. But then, BAM he turns into a salavating dog. Looking for his next bone and Im the virgin Mary. "I dont think this is going to work out." I would have to say-yet again! I was getting tired of it. So I tried so many different things. Older men. Younger men. Men of different ethnic back grounds but it all came down to a few things. Did we like eachother. Was I the girl for him. Was he the guy for me. Did he make enough money. ( I only wondered about that if I didnt really like the person he was but still wanted to keep dating him just to keep me busy) Anyway it seemed so hard to get a match. I remember one friend of mine saying to me …

boyfriend astrology

Astrology compatibility love and signs

boyfriend astrology is my favorite topic. (forgive me I recently moved from Quebec and sometimes the french effects how I type in english) Like the word feminin is it with or without the e at the end (feminine) Im not sure.
Well my website is about
astrology compatibilitysignslovehealth tipszodiacastrologercoming soonhoroscopesdating advice according too his sun sign and there is so much more to come. You may check it out or drop me a line her on the site.Ive been asked what is my favorite thing about astrology. I say informing others. letting people know the truth. no matter what it is. but this is all for women ofcourse and the benifit of their relationships.