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check out this page on the jamaican flag and its meaning!

Astrology books, love astrology, Rastafari: 2 loves in my life

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Astrology books:

Astrology books have always captured my attention. It is only within the past year that I have  curbed the urge to read and buy astrology books. Having my jupiter in the 9th house makes me love astrology as much as I do . In astrology there is a degree for everything. I have my jupiter 2 degrees off of that degree. In astrology it is said if a planet is within 3 degrees, it still applies, believe me I love this subject. I always tell others about their zodiac signs, love astrology, and love relationships based on what  I have learned over the years about astrology.

Rastafarian spirituality.

I am a rastafarian woman. This is the most precious and the strongest part of who I am. God is always with me. I hold my rasta beliefs very dear to my heart. No matter what, bad day good day, fat daty slim day....God is always there. I have built a web site on my rastafarian beliefs to share with everyone on the internet, I hope you will check it out. There is some rasta reggae music there too for you to listen too, in case you are not familiar with it. Rastafari is the same religious beliefs of Mr. Bob Marley.

Zodiac signs is still a part of astrology.

Zodiac signs is sitll a part of astrology. But since I love chatting about the different zodiac characteristics with people, I decided why not just make a whole web site about it. So I did! You can check out my zodiac web site here. I hope you enjoy it. Its not all pink slippers and big bunny ears. Its honest and in your face...if you dont like it shove it...I dont want to be like everyone else on the internet. If you want lies go to thier web site.

Horoscopes for free soon to come my friends

Horoscopes for free are soon to come my friends. I have decided to take the plunge. I love astrology enough to make videos, so why not horoscopes. Again I will be honest with you in these horoscopes...I will place them on my rasta web site. I know doesnt make a lot of sense right. Well there is where I want the traffic to come from, so there is where I will place it.

Love astrology

love astrology has always been a passion of mine, and I love to share it with others. So enjoy all that I have written here. If you dont like something leave it in the comments. Tell me about it. Bye for now.

sagittarius characteristics, sagittarius boyfriend, sagittarius male

Sagittarius Boyfriend

Sagittarius Boyfriends are real Gentlemen

The sagittarius male is the best male of the zodiac, to date, fall in love with, marry and anything else. The sagittarius male is a keeper. Why? Why am I raving about the sagittarius male? Because he is classy, sophistcated, has his life together, and puts the happiness and comfort of his lady as number 1 in his life. This is all true.

I missed my Sag Husband....

I had one Sagittarius boyfriend...he treated me like a princess...he always listened to me...always said yes to anything I wanted...always did his best to make me feel comfortable...he was great...i didnt realize these things back then, I think I was too young at the time to appreciate these qualities in a man. Now I realize those are the ingredients of a man you want to marry.

Sagittarius Boyfriends great breadwinners!

Most sagittarius men have good paying jobs because they understand the importance of earning a good living and that the amount of money can  have is directly related to how easily you can do the thing you want to do in buying fancy cars of going on shopping sprees, or or having the finances to afford that in a beautiful home.

Sagittarius Guy took me on a shopping spree ...

I dated another sagittarius man many years later...for our first date he took me on a shopping spree...and didnt give me any restrictions. He was stock trader so he could afford to splurge on a woman he didnt even know. Obviously that one didnt work out. Oh well, he wasnt my type anyway.


Sagittarius men want a woman with Class!

I did date another one when I was in montreal. He was a wonderful guy. I think I wasnt good enough for him. He wanted a woman with the time I had none. He was in his early 40s, I was 19 years old. Just being honest. again I was too young to appreciate a Sagitarius man in all his splendor at that time. Any who if you are an air sign (libra or aquarius only) or a Fires sign ( sagittarius leo aries) a sagittarius man is a good love match for you. Bye for now.

Sorry for the blog Issues

By  the way I just want to say I love all the people to stop by to check out this blog. Thanks for stopping by sorry I have problems with the template sometime, but I am working on straigthening things out for your guys. Bless.

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virgo boyfriend, virgo male, virgo guy

if you have a virgo boyfriend click here to read compatibility just know he is a pervert. He wont tell you this himself. And I dont mean in a really creepy kind of way. I mean, what he likes to do with his girlfriends is totally out of the ordinary. Try to have fun with it or it may mess up your relationship. I never really dated one. But I useto know a guy who had mars in virgo. He was the kinyest mother....around!! im not kidding. None of my boyfriends ever wanted to do half the weird things he wanted to do behind closed doors. sometimes i
--> didnt feel right about it. But i knew in his kinky mind he had made it "normal" oh my I wont go out with a guy that has virgo in aries again. aparat from this a virgo man is very loving. however his love is unusual. he loves you because you are a woman, i guess what im trying to say is how can you ever really know if he loves you or just the fact that you ar a woman. like is he trying to compete with see whos more feminine. oh and believe me...all your little lady stuff you useto do in private....they wont be in private anymore he will want to watch. anywho ill write more abot the virgo man again....bye for now

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