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Well ladies, i am absolutely delighted to tell you about the zodiac personality of the libra boyfriend. You see the libra boyfriend is one of, if not, the best, boyfriend, a girl could ever have! Why? Simply put...he rules the house of love, marriage partnership and relationships.

To a libra personality and of course a libra male, love, is everything! He dreams of the perfect love relationship, marriage to his beautiful wife, children, the home, the family. You may be thinking...well tell me the bad news. There isnt any. And if you have ever read any of my other blog posts you know I am honest. But now that I think about it maybe there is a little secret about the zodiac sign of libra. They are in love with love. Dont see this as a bad thing. They will fall in love with you too, because you become part of their symphony. The dreamy love life that they build up in their day dreams...which they hope one day will be a reality. Here are some other stats I love about the libra man.

he is ....
  • non superficial
  • not picky about chores
  • easy going
  • wants his woman to be her self
  • will flirt with you
  • loves to show affection
  • likes to laze around
  • likes to have his own business
  • likes to plan long term financially
  • has fun with his children
  • has no issue about popping the question when in love
  • listens to all your needs, requests, and desires
  • is a one woman man
believe me the list goes on and on..but those are the basics

 Libra Boyfriend How to Recognize him

The Libra man is the attractive guy at the dinner party wearing the bright colored shirt, and the neutral colored pants, and sampling all the sweet orderves. He, notices you watching him, and hesitates before approaching you. He seems friendly as he walks up to you smiles and introduces himself. Whats this guy really all about? He Seems too distant to be searching for a relationship, and too direct not to be searching for something. He compliments you on your choice of outfit. You respond by saying “Thank You!” and are instantly caught up in his stimulating cologne. He asks your name...and suddenly you realize just how comfortable you feel in his presence….

 Personality & Characteristics

Libra Boyfriend

House Rulership, Sixth House: Love, Marriage, Partnership, Relationship

From this we can see that The Libra boyfriend is Marriage minded, (marriage) and may be in love with love itself (love) The Libra man values his Romantic partnership above all else in his life (Relationship) A Libra boyfriend makes a great marriage and business partner. (partnership) Libra
Boyfriend Planet Rulership, Venus:
Lust, Sweet Food, Indulgence, Romance, Jewelry, Brothels, Love Affairs, Flirting, Attraction, Aphrodite. Some Libra boyfriends spent a lot of time indulging in comfort food, such as chocolate, cakes, cookies, (sweet food, indulgence)and having hot baths/showers, and or primping himself to appear more physically attractive.(attraction)
The Libra Boyfriend is ruled by venus, which is associated with Aphrodite The Goddess of Love. Libra men may at times be flirtatious, (romance) wear flashy Jewelry, and maybe be even a bit of a “Pretty boy.” (Flirting) The Libra man is a hopeless romantic and knows his role with woman. (romance) Libra men tend to be very affectionate and enjoy shopping and many hours spent touching and rubbing the romantic partner.

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 Libra Boyfriend Dating Behavior

  • Shows up late for dates often
  • Will be sincere when he says sorry then repeats the act
  • May wear cologne that is too strong
  • Loves to make love (too much)
  • wants to see you every day
  • Treats you like you are his girlfriend from day one
  • Is forthcoming with his feelings
  • Introduces you to his family when he knows you two are serious
  • Can be very patient/Very impatient
  • Holds no grudges
  • Loves when you dress sexy
  • Likes making out anywhere and everywhere
  • Will hold your hand out in public

Libra Boyfriend Love Compatibility

 Libra Boyfriend & Libra Girlfriend
 The Libra Girlfriend is one of the best love matches for the Libra Boyfriend. These two both enjoy beauty, great food, dining out, and most of all ...Love. A Great love match.

 Libra Boyfriend & Scorpio Girlfriend
The Scorpio Girlfriend is a great love match for the Libra Boyfriend. Why? Because Scorpio woman can teach Libra Boyfriend how to look forward and plan for the future, and how to share in feeling and emotions to enhance the quality of the Relationship. A Great love match.

 Libra Boyfriend & Sagittarius Girlfriend
In astrology Sagittarius and Libra always make a good love match. Sagittarius is strong, optimistic, and Independent. Libra boyfriend is flexible, outgoing and in search of the “Queen for his domain.” A great love match, in love, life and home.

 Libra Boyfriend & Capricorn Girlfriend 
These two are attracted to eachothers personality and zest for life. Capricorn Girlfriend is honest, successful an Independent Libra Boyfriend is outgoing, Dependent on his woman, and honest. These two are good for eachother, but Capricorn will have to let Libra be the boss sometimes too.

 Libra Boyfriend & Aquarius Girlfriend
 The Aquarius girlfriend is one of best zodiac love matches for the Libra Boyfriend. Aquarius Girlfriend, loves to socialize, likes her personal freedom, and is open minded and Diverse. The Libra Boyfriend is also diverse, loves his freedom, and likes to socialize. These two are an excellent love match.

Libra Boyfriend & Pisces Girlfriend 
The Pisces Girlfriend is a good match for Libra Boyfriend. The Pisces woman can teach Libra boyfriend how to think more on a feelings level, not so cerebral, how to put family first, instead of fun and friendship, and how to communicate from the heart. The Libra man can benefit from these qualities. A Pisces Girlfriend is a great love match for the Libra Boyfriend.

 Libra Boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend
The Aries woman is a great love match for the Libra boyfriend. These two have a lot in common. The Aries woman is strong, independent, and doesn't let anything stop her from achieving her goals. The Libra Boyfriend is affectionate, supportive, and loves to give his Girlfriend what she wants. An Excellent love match.

 Libra Boyfriend & Taurus Girlfriend
 The Taurus Girlfriend is a good love match for Libra Boyfriend. They each will bring different elements to the table. Libra men are loving, kind, generous and love to “show love” to their girlfriends. The Taurus Girlfriend is strong, dependable, and has her ducks in a row. These two make great life partners, and great parents. A Good love match.

Libra Boyfriend & Gemini Girlfriend
The Gemini Girlfriend is a great love match for the Libra Boyfriend. Two Air Signs always make a great love match. Gemini is witty smart and makes a great ally. Libra is sociable, sweet and makes a great love and business partner. These two can hit is off as friends, and parents. They both enjoy, literature and stimulating conversation.

 Libra Boyfrend & Cancer Girlfriend
The Cancerian Girlfriend and Libra Boyfriend make a great love match. Cancerian women, hope to get married, settle down and start a family. The Libra man, hopes to find the right woman, get married and settle down. These two have the same hopes in heart, for love, marriage, and starting a family.

 Libra Boyfriend & Leo Girlfriend 
The Leo Girlfriend is a great match for the Libra boyfriend. Leo, ruled by the sun loves to shine brightly and be successful, and to be admired. Libra boyfriends love to admire their girlfriends and shower them with love and attention. Libra also likes success too. A great love a match.

 Libra Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend
The Virgo woman can teach the Libra man some valuable lessons about life. How to keep organized to bring success, how to have self discipline to achieve your goals, how to stay on track in the face of adversity. The Libra man will find his shining star in the Virgo Girlfriend. They are great for eachother. A good love match.

Libra Boyfriend Best Love Matches:

Libra Girlfriend, Aquarius Girlfriend, Gemini Girlfriend, Sagittarius Girlfriend, Leo Girlfriend.

More about the Libra Boyfriend

What not to expect from Libra Boyfriend
Do not expect The Libra boyfriend not to seek adventure on some level. The Libra boyfriend lives for excitement and Adventure! His girlfriend is top priority in his life, But if she tries to stop him from having the fun he craves, he will do it behind her back. It is best to join him, then there will be no secrets between the two of them.

 Libra Boyfriend Trust and Monogamy 
The answer is yes... you can trust a Libra boyfriend. But...Since the planet venus (Libras ruling planet) is associated with Aphrodite, some Libra men have been known to visit places, that sell sex and or sex related services. Wait! Dont freak out! The libra boyfriend does not like to cheat. I did say sex related services. The Libra boyfriend is one of the most monogamous signs of the zodiac. He represents love and marriage….so, it could be as simple as a sex shop, or a massage parlour..Don't assume he is doing the dirty, right off the bat. 

Libra Boyfriend As husband and Father
 The Libra boyfriend makes one of the best husbands and fathers of all the zodiac. He is monogamous and a great support to his wife. The Libra man desires early to get married and settle down and he works great in any partnership including getting along with your family members. As a Father the Libra man is lenient with the children, but provides strict discipline when and where needed. He wants his children to be raised right, but he loves to see them happy. He may spoil his children, with lots of kisses, gifts of money, and sweet foods, such as chocolate and Candy.

 The Best thing about the Libra Boyfriend 
 The Romantic Partner of the Libra man really does take center stage in his life. If you are wondering if he is “the one” dont hesitate. Libra men represent love and Relationships. If you are dating one, you already know this. Libra Boyfriends Rock! I recommend you get a Personality Astrology Report all about him from an Astrologer who will dish the dirt on him. Someone like me perhaps. I’m just saying.

 What Turns Him on? 
S*x Games outside of the bed room. Down Boy!

What Turns Him off?
Restriction. Instead of imposing restrictions, tell your Libra Boyfriend how open minded you are by telling him he can trust you with anything and that you will never judge him about anything he shares with you in confidence.

 What’s he like in the bedroom?
Libra men are very Kinky. But they like to act innocent. Being a Cardinal Air Sign,Libra Boyfriends like to take the lead and try new things, in the bedroom. You will have lots of fun with a Libra Boyfriend, in love play!

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