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scorpio male, scorpio man, scorpio boyfriend, scorpio characteristics

Looking for information on the scorpio male? maybe you are looking for information on the scorpio personality? what ever the case this article talks about the scorpio male, how he thinks and scorpios in general. So lets get started.

Scorpio male, scorpio men, scorpio man, scorpio boyfriends

scorpios in general have a tendancy to be private, men tend to have little to say. For these reasons figuring out the scorpio male can be a real task. A scorpio man has deep feelings, more than the average man...what he tells you may sound like something he made up just to get your pants. The thing about the scorpio male is ...most of the time they wont tell a person what they want to hear just to get what they want. The scorpio boyfriend is a little more caring about the feelings and emotions of others and particularly his girlfriend. If you are dating, or are interested in a scorpio male...let me be the first to tell you...likely, he is an absolute gem. Try to approach the relationship with a scorpio as if what he says is true...and see where it leads you. Who knows...could even be marriage. At the very worst..astrology promises a good "romp in the hay" (hee hee)

Scorpio personality, scorpio male personality, scorpio

The scorpio personality can be a real mystery. Afterall in astrology, this zodiac sign rules things such as "mystery, sex, taboo love play, and deep sexual passion, among other things." Scorpios make it a point in life to be elusive. They will try to make you think something other than the truth sometimes. Usually when a scorpio does this, it is because they feel vulnerable...especially in love. They figure by not showing their true feelings they can find out how you really feel deep down inside first...then show you how they really feel. To the scorpio personality, love is a very important, ongoing, special part of life. When they love it often forever.

scorpio characteristics, scorpio traits, scorpio personality traits

here is a list of some of the most prominent scorpio characteristics and personality traits

positive scorpio characteristics:

  • very supportive
  • sensual
  • intense
  • clever
  • good money management
  • loves deeply

negative scorpio characteristics

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Zodiac Signs Characteristics. Do

  • jealous
  • possessive
  • not trusting
  • secretive
  • asks too many questions
  • wants to control others
  • unforgiving

my scorpio boyfriend...

well I actually never had a scorpio boyfriend, but if I did, I think he would be
  • charming
  • intelligent
  • energetic
  • thoughtful
  • kind
  • caring
  • affectionate
  • humourus
  • genuine
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The scorpio love matches, and scorpio love

again scorpios are very passionate caring people, when they marry they will do almost anything to make sure the marriage runs smoothly and the love flows regulary, from husband to wife and from wife to husband. Scorpios love to support and care for their partners. Scorpio love matches could be almost anyone because scorpios one you really get to know them...can get along with just about anyone. Here is the list of top 3 compatibility scorpio love matches

pisces - is sensitive and loving just as much as scorpio
cancer - is sensitvie and dedicated just as much as the scorpio zodiac signs
virgo - this sign is stable and grounded good for the water sign scorpio
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here are some excerpts from my web page on the scorpio zodiac personality

realistic as opposed to superficial: Scorpio personality is a very realistic down to earth water sign. They opt for the real over the superficial cause they know when it comes down to it all you really have is what is real. Fake only takes you back to the real any way. So they opt for the authentic to begin with. Such as jobs that help others, or deal with real issues.

predictable: Scorpio personality is a "fixed" astrology signs like things that are predictable. This is why jobs that always change don't interest this sign. They like to know what to expect, because to a scorpio, a changing work place means constantly adjusting behaviours and the potential for things to go awry.
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