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Libra - Sun - Keyword - I balance, I desire
The Sun in Libra boyfriend is one of the best boyfriends to have. Why? Because he will be your personal
  • Protector
  • Provider
  • Best Friend
  • Parental Figure
  • Unforgetable lover
All in one. The Libra boyfriend lives for the smile and happiness or his girfriend. In Astrology Libra is the sign of love, romance, relationship and beauty. Your libra boyfriend probably compliments you left right and center and you probably feel so loved and special to him. Thats because you are. Libra boyfriend is the all in one perfect marriage material.

Moon in Astrology Represents our Emotions - Keyword "I feel"
  • How moody and changable we are
  • How we deal with the feelings of others and our own feelings
  • Weather we are very sensitive or not so sensitive
  • How important exchange of emotions are in our relationship
The Libra Moon Boyfriend

The Libra Moon Boyfriend is Sensitive, may be moody at times, and is very loyal and affectionate, and always agreeable. He Desires in the relationship... The Libra moon Boyfriend desires, harmony and true friendshipwith the woman he loves. He is a family man at heart and loves to see his signifigacnt other happy and enjoyinjg life If he hurts your feelings... If he hurts your feelings he is quick to make things right by asking you what it is that you want him to do to make things better and then getting right on it. Your feelings may even be more important to him than his own feelings. His Moods; He will become emotionally out of balance when; the one he loves is upset or not responding to him. He is emotionally stable when he is interacting with his female counter part. When Hurt he....may become with drawn and uncommunicative, or unable to string a proper sentence together. He may often over react to things when the problem is not as big as his reaction   How to make him open up... To make a libra moon boyfriend open up, show him and tell him you love him often in a variety of ways. This will make him trust you and believe that you truly do love him because a libra moon believes in demonstrative love How you may make him close down You may make him close down by lying to him, not doing things the way and when you say you will, and by disconnecting your self from the relationship. A libra moon boyfriend expects his girfriend to be available to him at all times, because he is so emotional and he literally gets his ejmotional stability by knowing he can talk to you at any time. Mars in Astrology represents our aggression Keyword I do

Mars in in Libra Boyfriend

Mars in Atrology is one of the most important planets to know when trying to figure out the thinking patterns and personality of an individual. In astrology Mars represents....
  • Aggresssion
  • Sexual nature and tendencies
  • Behaviours
  • Body Type
  • A Mans compatibility with womans venus (Synastry)
  • How likely we are to take the lead

The Mars in Libra Boyfreind

Aggresssion/Anger The Mars in Libra boyfriend tends not to be aggressive. He is more on the loving side, more willing and ready to serve his significant other in order to make her feel special and loved. When angerd the Mars in Libra boyfriend will guickly try to make things right, and will often appologize once he realizes he was wrong or even if he knows you are wrong. The Mars in libra boyfriends top priority is to seek harmony within the realionship. Sexual nature and tendencies The Mars in Libra boyfriend enjoys sex, but he may want to engage in it often. The reason for this is that he wants to remind you and him self that you two are special to eachother and that love making is a great gift to the two of you from eachother. Sometimes the mars in Libra boyfriend like to do unconventional things in the bedroom in order to spice things up. One of his biggest fears is that you will become bored with him. The mars in Libra boyfriend may suggest dressing up in costumes, incorporating food, or surprise forplay in unusual places. Hmmm (lucky girl!) Behaviours The Mars in Libra boyfriend enjoys lazing around. He is not full of natural stamina. He enjoys activities that involve sitting as apposed to standing for moving around. Remmeber this is his mars we are talking about and Libra just does not make for the sporty or movable type. Libra is a sign of indulgence and beauty, therefor the Mars in Libra man will see you as his beauty and maybe some fine wine, or a great meal as his indulgence. However the Mars in Libra man takes great pride in providing for his girlfriend or wife and his loved ones and may push him self if he needs to in order to achieve what is not part of his nature. Body Type
  • The Mars in Libra body type may be
  • Overweight
  • Thick
  • Slim but somewhat flat
  • In need of a work out
Mars in Mercury The Mars in Mercury boyfriend is very social, loves to banter about useless things, and his opinions can be easily swayed. The Mars in Mercury boyfriend is easy to get along with and rarely gets into arguments with anyone much less his special girl. Mars in Jupiter The Mars in Jupiter boyfriend is larger than life. Libra is a sign that likes to have fun and push boundries. Mars in Jupiter can cause fantasies of wild parties and weekends spent in lavish expensive hotel rooms. Mars in Libra, desires, harmony, fun, extravigance, and all things overdone. As a boyfriend, he may enjoy buying you expensive unsual gifts that you can never forget. He is doing for the wow factor more than anything else, and he is enjoying himself even if he is going over his own budget.  

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