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Aries Boyfriend Personality

Aries Boyfriend

How to Recognize an Aries Man

The Aries man is the one at the dinner party who can't seem to take his beautiful eyes off you. He doesn't waste any time making his thoughts known as he walks over and introduces himself. he reaches out his hand and shakes your hand.  You are mesmerized by his eyes. He oozes such masculine energy.  You completely miss his name. He offers to get you a drink. You can't wait for him to come back so you can  soak up his masculine confident energy once again….

Aries Boyfriend Personality and Characteristics

Aries House Rulership: The First House

Physical Self
New beginnings

The Aries boyfriend enjoys new adventures, and physical activities, such as visiting an amusement park, rock climbing, or hang gliding. (new beginnings) He has a keen sense of his own physical needs and desires,(physical self) and is great at taking the lead (initiation) on home projects or business ventures.

Aries Boyfriend Planetary Rulership: Mars

Male sex organs
Physical Energy

Aries boyfriend may have somewhat of a “dominant” personality (aggression) at times. He may make plans for himself and you, without mentioning them to you until the last minute. (impulses) This is just his youthful nature. Depending on his mars sign, Aries guys often have an  abundance of energy that needs to be expelled each day. (physical energy) The “Martian” Energy makes the Aries male one of the most physically attractive guys of the zodiac.  

Whatever you do, do not challenge him. (challenge) He thrives on challenge and winning. (winning, war) If you get in his face, he will get into yours.

Best Love Matches & 12 Zodiac Signs Love Compatibility

Aries  Boyfriend Best Love Matches

Aries boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend
Aries Boyfriend & Gemini Girlfriend
Aries Boyfriend & Aquarius Girlfriend
Aries Boyfriend & Sagittarius Girlfriend

Aries Male 12 Zodiac signs Love Compatibility

Aries Boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend…
Aries Girlfriend is the best Love Match for The Aries Boyfriend. These two will find the perfect partner for Romance, adventure, spontaneity, and physical energy in each other. A Great love math. Soul mate connection.

Aries Boyfriend & Taurus Girlfriend..
These two may both feel like being together is more like a job or a chore, rather than something fun, and stimulating. However the Aries Boyfriend loves a challenge. The Aries Boyfriend will enjoy, embracing  more of a routine to satisfy the heart of his Taurus Girlfriend. A good love match.

Aries Boyfriend & Gemini Girlfriend...
These two may feel like they have “hit the Jackpot” by dating each other - and they have! “Air feeds fire”in astrology . These two will share, stimulating conversation, social events, and new adventures, as they both enjoy the same activities, and feel alive from other peoples energy. A great love match.

Aries Boyfriend & Cancer Girlfriend…
The Cancerian Girlfriend will love Aries boyfriends charm. Aries will love Cancerian Girls feminine side. These two create a relationship that is warm and full of excitement. A good love match.

Aries Boyfriend & Leo Girlfriend…
Leo girlfriend loves over the top experiences, and expression. Aries loves to try new things. Fun, Affection, Adventure, and lots of excitement! A great love match! Try not to get into power struggles.

Aries Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend…
The Virgo girlfriend is a “no nonsense” woman. She calls it like  shes sees it! Aries men are children at heart, and thrive on new and stimulating experiences. If Virgo woman is younger and the Aries boyfriend is older, this could make for a great love match.

Aries Boyfriend & Libra Girlfriend...
Libra is Aries opposite zodiac sign. This couple will have instant physical attraction to one another, but later that attraction may fizzle out. Some opposite zodiac signs as couples experience  some “strain” as a couple.
Otherwise, Libra Girlfriend and Aries boyfriend can take the world by storm.

Aries Boyfriend & Scorpio Girlfriend...
These two zodiac signs have an intense physical attraction to each other. They can go the long haul with love, patience, and understanding. Try to “agree to disagree.” A good love match.

Aries Boyfriend & Sagittarius Girlfriend...
These two have lots in common. But perhaps this could be a problem. There needs to be some give and take. “Two bulls cannot role in one pen.” This relationship could work if one decides to be flexible, and allow the other to lead - some of the time. Potential for a good love match.

Aries Boyfriend & Capricorn Girlfriend...
These two will work excellent together when they have large goals  to reach, such as  buying a new house, starting a new business, or taking a vacation together.  They are both great at setting and achieving goals. A good love match.

Aries Boyfriend & Aquarius Girlfriend...
These two understand each other.  The Aquarius girlfriend likes to be free, detached, and to maintain her individuality. The Aries boyfriend, likes freedom, adventure, and movement.  A great love match indeed.

Aries Boyfriend & Pisces Girlfriend...
This union could work if the two meet when they both over age 35. Pisces may find Aries too detached and “on the go.” Aries may find Pisces too emotional and clingy. Potential for a good love match. Check other planets for compatibility.

Aries Boyfriend dating behavior

Buys typical gifts such as chocolate and flowers
Shows up on time for dates
Will laugh and talk with you as children do
Sometimes  makes dating plans without asking for your input
Plans dates that are adventurous and fun
Will fall hard and fast
Will chase you if he has to because he loves a challenge
Calls on the phone late at night
Makes friends with your family members easily
Enjoys long passionate kisses
Loves to hold hands in public
Likes to make plans for the next date quickly

Aries Boyfriend Trust and Monogamy

Well the truth is...yes you can trust your Aries guy, but be cautious. Some Aries boyfriends are known to have a “woman on the side.” This depends on how long you have been together and of course the quality of your relationship. Just be aware. The reason is that Aries is often attracted to “The New” its nothing personal, thats just how they are...its probably only temporary anyway…(his love affair ) To know for sure check his mars sign.

Aries Boyfriend As Husband and Father

The Aries boyfriend makes a great “breadwinner.” They have lots of energy to complete tasks, and enjoy a challenge so they do good in business and on any Job.
The Aries Boyfriend makes a great husband because, they love to run errands, it gives them an opportunity to get rid of some of their extra energy. He won't mind going to the grocery store for you, or picking up the dry cleaning.
Aries men make great Fathers. They respect the individuality of their children, and make great teachers. They forgive mistakes and don't hold a grudge.

What not to expect from an Aries Boyfriend

If you are dating an Aries boyfriend don't expect him to be extra sensitive, and talkative about his feelings and emotions. Aries boyfriends are not that type of zodiac sign. Aries boyfriends are great for things, involving physical activity, but sentiments and emotions (his own) are not his thing.

The Best thing About the Aries Boyfriend

They are always up for adventure, love to enjoy life, and are one of the Most open minded signs of the Zodiac, so you can be yourself with them. You do not have try to impress them because if he was not already  impressed with, you he would not date you. Aries boyfriends are fun, love to smile, and know how to make a woman feel extra special.

Aries Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Gym Membership
Workout Equipment
Pocket Watch to Keep Time
Running Shoes
Hiking Gear
Day Planner
Book Biography os Successful person

Video Game Console


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