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Cancer Boyfriend Personality

Cancer Boyfriend

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How to Recognize him at a Dinner Party

The Cancer boyfriend man is the guy at the dinner party who is helping out the host. He is wearing an Apron and is walking around serving the orderves. He seems to be a natural at this…smiling and greeting everyone gayly as he offers them a tasty orderve! He comes over to you and offers you an orderve. You notice he has, a few extra pounds, but nothing too noticable and dark honest eyes. When he smiles, you can feel that he is sincere and naturally you smile back. He introduces himself and shakes your hand. He gives you that feeling like when you run into an old friend from high school...some thing inside you wants to get to know more about him...

Cancer Boyfriend Personality and Characteristic's

Cancer Boyfriend House Rulership: 4th

Domestic Life Memories Pregnancy Mother The Cancerian Boyfriend, has a special bond with his Mother (The Mother) and he values his family and home life. (Domestic life) The Cancerian boyfriend makes an excellent partner in raising a family (Nurture) and looks forward to starting his own family some day. (pregnancy)

Cancer Boyfriend Planet Rulership: Moon

Parenting Nurture Humour Home Response Caring Moody Intuition Instincts Nostalgia Grandparents The Cancerian Boyfriend has a caring, and nurturing heart. (caring, nurture) He may be somewhat of a homebody (home) and is very sensitive to feelings and desires, of his girlfriend, and because of that, he aims to make her happy. He may be a bit over reactive/sensitive than other men about certain things, (Response) but this is normal for him. (moody) He may have some old artifacts in his home from family members, that he cherishes. (Grandparents, Nostalgia) Don't ask him to get rid of them, he is too attached. This is a common trait of “The Crab.”

Cancer Boyfriend Best Love Matches & Dating Behavior

Cancer Boyfriend 5 Best Love Matches

  1. Cancer Boyfriend & Cancer Girlfriend
  2. Cancer Boyfriend & Scorpio Girlfriend
  3. Cancer Boyfriend & Pisces Girlfriend
  4. Cancer Boyfriend & Taurus Girlfriend
  5. Cancer Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend

Cancer Boyfriend Dating Behavior

Shy Likes to talk about his family Desires to have his own family some day Might make you laugh your pants off Wants to invite you over to cook a meal for you May have a pet at home Will warm up quickly to your parents Hints to move to the next level May hold on to past arguments and feelings Slow to make the first move May become clingy once he falls for you Puts his family first Will take you to a restaurant where he feels at home Will apologize for little things often

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Cancerian Boyfriend & Cancerican Girlfriend

These two are a perfect match. They both value a happy home life, family and friends, financial stability, sense of humour, good food, and old family heirlooms. An Excellent Love match indeed. Be aware not to eat foods that cause the two to gain too much weight.

Cancerian Boyfriend & Leo Girlfriend

Leo Girlfriend may take the dominant role in this coupling. Cancerian Boyfriend may take the more submissive role. These two could work out if they meet in their 30s or later. They value different things. Cancer Boyfriend likes home family and comfort. Leo like parties, friends, gambling and adventure. A good love match with a lot of love and caring.

Cancerian Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend

The Virgo girlfriend is down to earth, flexible, and smart. The Cancerian Boyfriend is Warm, sensitive and nurturing. These two are different. But earth and water blend well. It could work out. A potentially good love match.

Cancerian Boyfriend & Libra Girlfriend

The Libra Girlfriend is outgoing, chatty and flirtatious. The Cancerian Boyfriend is also outgoing, loves to share sentimental feelings, but deep down seeks a deep love, followed by marriage. These two could work out if The Libra Girlfriend is ready to settle down. A good love match.

Cancerian Boyfriend & Scorpio Girlfriend

Scorpio girlfriend is “deep feeling,” penetratingly analytical, and hopes to become a wife and mother someday. Cancerian boyfriend is protective of his feelings, shy, & seeks a woman with whom he can start a family. These two could really hit it off. Two water signs is always a great love match.

Cancerian Boyfriend & Sagittarius Girlfriend

Sagittarius girlfriend knows what she wants in life. She is ambitious, direct, and likes the finer things in life. The cancerian man likes, old family heirlooms, a comfortable home, and puts his family first. If the two of you are getting ready to settle down and start a family, this is great love match. Otherwise This coupling may cause stress and strain.

Cancerian Boyfriend & Capricorn Girlfriend

These two have a lot in common. Capricorn girlfriend likes to set goals and she achieves them. Cancerian Boyfriend plans for domestic life, and has money set aside for his new family. These two can work out if they are both at the point when they are ready to settle down into a committed relationship.

Cancerian Boyfriend & Aquarius Girlfriend

Aquarius Girlfriend is outgoing, stable, loves to socialize, and is open minded. Cancer boyfriend is stable, sensitive, compassionate, and mild tempered. These two are different but can go the long haul if they have something in common that keeps them together, like a business or hobbies. A good love match.

Cancerian Boyfriend & Pisces Girlfriend

A Pisces Girlfriend is one of the best love matches for The Cancerian Boyfriend. These two understand each other like two peas in a pod. They are both patient, and understanding with each others feelings and emotions. They both make great homemakers and parents. A great love match.

Cancerian Boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend

The Aries Girlfriend may take the lead in this relationship. Aries knows what she wants and exactly how to get it. Cancerians are natural home makers. as a couple they will have success if they have a good friendship between them too. A good love match

Cancerian Boyfriend & Taurus Girlfriend

Taurus Girlfriend is ambitious calm, independent, dependable and stable. Cancerians, are outgoing, affectionate, sincere, and loving. A great love match especially if they plan to move in together or get married.

Cancerian Boyfriend & Gemini Girlfriend

Gemini Girlfriend is witty, charming and loves to get to know different people of various cultures. Cancerican boyfriend is intuitive, desires to settle down, and seeks a girlfriend whom he can eventually call his wife.These two can go the long. Gemini Girlfriend may have to decide if she is ready to go the long haul...Cancerian boyfriend is already “all in.”

What Not to Expect from Cancer boyfriend

Do not expect him to act “macho.” Cancer is a sign of feelings, intuition, home, and family. The cancerian man is gentle sensitive and warm. He can become angry, but he prefers to show his warm feelings instead. He is not the angry aggressive type. Only if and when he has to be.

Trust and Monogamy

You can certainly trust a Cancerian Boyfriend. The Cancer male dreams of domestic life, with a happy wife and some children running around in the home. Cancerian men are too sensitive not to be monogamous. They would not like it if their girlfriend cheated, so they believe in being in a committed happy monogamous relationship/marriage.

As Husband and Father

The Cancerian boyfriend makes a great husband and a great father. He is supportive to his wife, and puts family values before everything else in his life. His wife is his reason for living, and he shows her this every day. As Father the Cancerian man will be very protective and nurturing towards his children. His children are his pride and joy. He will offer to pick them up from school and make them healthy meals that they like. The Cancerican father does not mind taking the maternal and the paternal role as a parent.

The Best thing about The Cancer Boyfriend

When in love he may become Clingy. He may love your family just as much as you do. The Cancerian man is known for his skills in the kitchen. He makes a great father as his astrology house represents ‘parenthood.” The Cancerian Boyfriend is an all around Great catch.
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