Friday, April 11, 2008

"Astrology signs what the...?"

Basically what you know about is the sun sign. The sun sign represents your personality. It is based on the time of the year for arguments sake you were born.
How can people make such generalizations? Well yeah I would ask the same question if I wasnt an astrologer. Ill tell you what those generalizations are true. I know it because Ive been studing this for 13 years. Let me give you an example. Gemini is chatty friendly and easy going. Leo is generous out going and have a real "zest for life." Sagittarius wants to explore and be free to expand. Virgo is neat and organized. Scorpio is quiet yet penetrating. Cancer is nurturing and protective. (of themselves and others) Well perhaps your sign is one of those mentioned.
Are you convinced yet. Keep stopping by you will be soon if you are not already.
Until next time take care and have fun.

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