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Taurus Male Boyfriend

If you are inlove with a taurus man, you can expect your guy to be on time
and reliable. They are the collectors of the zodiac and take pride in the
things they own such as their car and their money. You are probably nodding
your head right now. They love to laugh, have fun, keep fit and maintaing
a healthy bank balance. This "routine" can get a little too routine
after a while.

So you are probably wondering why I write this stuff huh. Well I asked myself the same
question today. Its so that I can warn women before they go and have the experience. So in a way I guess I am letting them "use" me. In a nice way (hehe)
I want them to know what they are getting into. Use my 13 years of experience and "archiving." So in the first paragraph I was being nice. NO MORE MISS NICE GIRL!!
Taurus is cheap. They do not like to spend money unless its on their car or something they feel is worth it like something superficial. But not all are like this all the time. Well actually yeah all ...give it some time it will show in him too. Pay attention ladies pay attention. If this guy is your husband, well its too late to get out now. Personally a cheap guy makes me feel...well, like I dont want to be around him. It really turns me off. Would you rather have dinner at burger king or a nice french restaurant. Case in point!!!
Until next time take care and have fun.


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