Friday, April 11, 2008

I hope you enjoy yourself here.

Hello my name is Rajni.
I hope you enjoy my website and my blog. I write these because I have to get it out. I need to tell the world what I know so I can save them pain. Or just to make them more aware. I can help you with problems you may be facing. Like tough times, sad times, break ups new lovers. There is a girl who works at the store near my house. She would alway complain to me that she didnt have a boyfriend. So I told her to tell me her birthday I told her when she would meet somebody new. WEll he arrived a month earlier than predicted but it did happen. I love to help my friends using astrology. So I want to help you too. I have at least 12 books on the topic and always seem to bring it up in my conversations with friends you can read some more about me and astrology on my website by checking out "the astrologer" page. So please send me questions. Especially about boyfriends. (I love those) Until next time take care and have fun!!!

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