Friday, April 11, 2008

Planet Venus

Venus. Everybody knows Venus. Does every body know what she represents? Venus in a persons birth chart demonstrates the way in which they love. It also shows wheather that person is demonstrative in expressing that love or not.

Venus in a persons birth chart shows in a sense how they relate to others. Weather in a loving way or somewhat detached. Have you ever met someone who would get personal with you after only knowing you just... <------This is an excerpt from my website.

If you are inlove with a Pisces man you have a man who is very romantic at heart.
He wont always show it but when he does, he will touch your heart. Pisces
are sensitive caring and highly supportive. However when hurt sometimes they
want to hurt back. Most of them have this undercontrol. Another thing to be aware
of is they dont mind lying to their girlfriends and other people to keep the <------This is an excerpt from my website.

Did you know that Venus is exhalted in Pisces. Making Pisces a very deep feeling astrology sign. I wouldnt want to have my Venus in Pisces Im already sensitive as it is having my venus in scorpio. I cry when Im sad. Some people just get mad. That must be nice huh. Well its a nice thing to have when someone wants to share their feelings at least I can relate. Unlike some fire signs. Who just trample on you while you are down and then apologize for it after wards. TOO LATE BUDDY!!!

UNTIL next time take care and have fun.

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