Friday, June 4, 2010

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if you have a virgo boyfriend click here to read compatibility just know he is a pervert. He wont tell you this himself. And I dont mean in a really creepy kind of way. I mean, what he likes to do with his girlfriends is totally out of the ordinary. Try to have fun with it or it may mess up your relationship. I never really dated one. But I useto know a guy who had mars in virgo. He was the kinyest mother....around!! im not kidding. None of my boyfriends ever wanted to do half the weird things he wanted to do behind closed doors. sometimes i
--> didnt feel right about it. But i knew in his kinky mind he had made it "normal" oh my I wont go out with a guy that has virgo in aries again. aparat from this a virgo man is very loving. however his love is unusual. he loves you because you are a woman, i guess what im trying to say is how can you ever really know if he loves you or just the fact that you ar a woman. like is he trying to compete with see whos more feminine. oh and believe me...all your little lady stuff you useto do in private....they wont be in private anymore he will want to watch. anywho ill write more abot the virgo man again....bye for now

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