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Capricorn boyfriend House Rulership, Tenth

Responsibility, Discipline, Restriction, Maturity The Capricorn Boyfriend is very self disciplined and sets his goals long term. He often reaches his goals due to his hardworking mind set, and ability to stay focused. (Disciplined)

Capricorn boyfriends tend to be very responsible. They like to have money saved in the bank, a well paying career, and a routine that allows him to be the best in everything does. A set routine and an planned and organized day makes the Capricorn boyfriend perform at this best. (Responsibility) Capricorn boyfriends believes good things are achieved through limitation, discrimination and discipline. This is all well when Capricorn applies his own principles to himself. But, when he applies these “limitations” to others, including his girlfriends, who may resist, this may create tension in the relationship (Restriction)

Capricorn Boyfriend Planet Rulership, Saturn:

Wisdom, Career/Business, Social Statures, Father, Goals, Authority Figures Capricorn is a zodiac sign of maturity and wisdom. In astrology the 10th house represents, the Father. Capricorns tend to offer wise (Wisdom) advice beyond their years, to friends in need. Being ruled by the planet of Saturn, the planet of wisdom, some Capricorn boyfriends, think they know what s best for others too. At best this Character trait provides guidance, direction and support. At worst, the Capricorn boyfriend may behave more like a Father than a boyfriend at times, and may become bossy and inflexible. (Authority Figures, Father) It has been said that the zodiac sign of Capricorn is “Status Seeking.” This is not necessarily a bad thing. The Capricorn boyfriend is usually successful in his chosen field and has a list of achievements, and accomplishments to back it up. The Capricorn boyfriend, carries a clean and respectful appearance, is not afraid of hard work, which leads to success, and believes in strong personal values and morals. (Social Status, Career/Business)

Capricorn Boyfriend Dating behavior

• Dresses in fine tailored expensive clothing for dates
 • Drives a clean expensive car
 • Expects you to arrive clean and neat
 • Is very friendly and outgoing
 • Will be very well liked by your parents and friends
 • May wear some expensive jewelry
 • Is deciding if he wants to keep dating you or not
 • May give you some advice on life on the first date
 • May become bossy at times
 • May raise his voice
 • May turn you on with his confidence and charisma
 • Enjoys intelligent conversation above his years Capricorn Boyfriend Love & Compatibility

Capricorn Boyfriend & Aries Girlfriend

These two are good for eachother, but there may be some strain in the relationship. The Aries woman is independent and knows what she wants. She lives for the moment. Capricorn boyfriend is also independent, he knows what he wants as well, but what he wants is in the future. These to can teach each other a lot with love and patience. Could be a good love match.

Capricorn Boyfriend & Taurus Girlfriend

These two understand each other. Both like to set long term goals and achieve them, both are earth signs, both are organized and value family and success. A great love match indeed.

Capricorn Boyfriend & Gemini Girlfriend

These two are opposite ends of the spectrum. The Capricorn man has a very outgoing personality and likes to stay organized and focused. The Gemini female is also very jovial and outgoing, but she easily lets her hair down and easily becomes the life of the party. These two hit it off in play, but in work may see things differently. A good love match with understanding and flexibility. Capricorn Boyfriend & Cancer Girlfriend The Cancerican Girlfriend is one of the best love matches for the Capricorn Boyfriend. Capricorn Guy will be the husband Cancer Girlfriend has always dreamed about. A man who is stable, knows what he wants, driven, strong, and who can lead his family into better things. A great love match all the way around!

Capricorn Boyfriend & Leo Girlfriend

The Leo Girlfriend loves to over dramatize and entertain her friends and family. She reaches for a steady stable income and to be admired. The Capricorn Boyfriend doesn't care so much what other people think, just what he thinks, and obtaining his finished product. These two are different but they make a good love match when they partner up for a longer term goal.

Capricorn Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend

The Virgo woman is discriminative, orderly and clean. The Capricorn Boyfriend is orderly clean and organized. These two understand eachother dreams goals and ambitions. Try not to focus too much on goals. These two are a great love match.

Capricorn Boyfriend & Libra Girlfriend

Both Capricorn and Libra are cardinal signs. This means they will spend countless hours laughing together and even party planning. However they value different things in life. Libra Girlfriend is flirtatious, marriage seeking, and easy to get a long with. The Capricorn boyfriend is set in his routine, he hopes to settle down someday (with the right girl) and he only believes in starting things he intends to follow through on. These two are instantly attracted to eachother but the sizzle may wear off….potentially a good love match.

Capricorn Boyfriend & Scorpio Girlfriend

Capricorn Boyfriend is earth. The Scorpio girlfriend is water. In astrology it is said that water feels good in earth. These two have what it takes to make a great long lasting and successful relationship. Capricorn can take charge of the finances, with tips from Scorpio, Scorpio can rule the household, with tips from Capricorn. A great love match.

Capricorn Boyfriend & Sagittarius Girlfriend

Sagittarius Girlfriend may be too “headstrong” for the Capricorn boyfriend. These two may but heads often. They both know what they want, and neither wants to be the follower. These two will both have to learn flexibility and patience. A Good love match when you put the love first.

Capricorn Boyfriend & Capricorn Girlfriend

Two zodiac signs of the same star sign, an instant love match. Feels like magic.

Capricorn Boyfriend & Aquarius Girlfriend

The Aquarius Girlfriend is a great match for down to earth Capricorn Boyfriend. Aquarius Woman will encourage Capricorn Boyfriend to come out of his shell and to start breaking some rules. Capricorn is GReat for Aquarius Girlfriend too he can teach her how to be self motivated, reliable and how to impress your way to the top. A good love match.

Capricorn Boyfriend & Pisces Girlfriend

Pisces Girlfriends may be quite moody and changeable at times. She needs a man like the Capricorn boyfriend. As long as Capricorn boyfriend makes time to listen to the feelings and needs of his Pisces Girlfriend, this could be a good love match.

Capricorn Boyfriend Best Love Matches:

Capricorn Girlfriend, Virgo Girlfriend, Taurus Girlfriend, Pisces Girlfriend, Scorpio Girlfriend

More about the Capricorn Boyfriend

What not to expect from the Capricorn Boyfriend

If you expect the Capricorn boyfriend to be the type of guy who takes direction from his girlfriend...forget it. Capricorns are wise and like to be the leader in the relationship. He doesn't get bossed around….he is the boss!

Capricorn Boyfriend As Husband and Father

As a husband The Capricorn boyfriend is very committed. He will expect to make the large decisions in the relationship. As long as you are comfortable with this, then things should go smoothly between you too, if not you can expect much stubbornness, which actually does not really go away

...As Father

.As a father the Capricorn man runs a tight ship. He expects the best from his children in all that they do. Their grades will need to be high and their behavior will have to be the best as well. Not doing what a Capricorn Father says is not an option. Besides that Capricorn men are very supportive and they provide tough love to their children and all in their life. Its just how they are.

What turns Capricorn Guys on?

A woman who has achieved much in life and now has a steady stable career, and the income to show for it.

What turns Capricorn Guys off?

A woman who does not make an effort to keep up her appearance.

What’s he like in the bedroom?

Capricorn men like to be successful in all that they do. Chances are he will check in with you before or after his “high time” to be sure you are getting what you need. Other than that a Capricorn man can fall into a “routine” in the bedroom. Just tell him if things get a little too predictable.

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