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Taurus Male Best Love Match

Taurus Boyfriend Personality


Taurus House Rulership: The Second House

The second house in Astrology is the house of...
Creature Comforts
From this we can deduce that the Taurus boyfriend enjoys having his own money (money) and having a steady stable job(earnings, stability) Taurus boyfriends also like to have the things in life that make him comfortable such as his own home, his own car, his own house, and a large healthy savings account. (comfort/security)

Taurus Planetary Rulership: Venus

They say that the planet Venus rules Taurus and Libra, however I feel that Venus really rules just Libra and that Taurus does have its own ruling planet but that it has not been discovered yet. For the sake of this book, we will use Venus and my own personal experiences with Taurus Zodiac Personalities as a guide.

Planet Venus Astrological Keywords:

  • Indulgence
  • Love
  • Comfort
  • Relaxation
  • Romance
  • Money
  • Fun
  • Youthful spirit
  • Materialistic
  • Social
  • Attractiveness

From this we may deduce that thTaurus boyfriend may be somewhat laid back with his girlfriends depending on his mars sign, and that he may be a more cheese and wine man (Indulgence, romance) We may also draw the conclusion that The Taurus male is friendly and free spirited (youthful spirit, social.)

Taurus Zodiac Element: Earth

Characteristics of Earth sign Zodiacs:

  • Easy
  • Going
  • Materialistic
  • Ambitious
  • Dependable
  • Reliable
  • Predictability
  • Routine
  • Practible
  • Planning
  • Reasonable
  • Preparedness

Taurus Boyfriend Love Compatibility

The rules for compatibility Astrology are as follows… Air zodiac signs feeds fire zodiac signs Water zodiac signs feels good in earth zodiac sign Same Elements Always get along Opposites attract but cause strain

Taurus Male Best Love Matches:

  • Taurus boyfriend &  Taurus Girlfriend
  • Taurus Boyfriend &  Capricorn Girlfriend
  • Taurus Boyfriend & Virgo Girlfriend
  • Taurus Boyfriend &  Cancer Girlfriend

Taurus Boyfriend Expectations in Love & Dating

To Save money than to spend lavishly
Taurus likes to save money rather than to spend lavishly. He will appreciate a Girlfriend who respects his preference for thriftyness.

Spending to be spend 50/50
Taurus Boyfriend likes all finances and spending to be shared 50/50. This means paying all bills should be paid from both incomes and all spending should be equally balanced as a couple.
The Taurus boyfriend does not mind paying for dates….but when it comes to expensive dinners...he will want you to picth in...but dont worry he wont say so.
Keep up your appearance
Having an A+ appearance is extremely important to the Taurus boyfriend. This means keeping your weight in check. Wearing designer clothing, having your hair styled and in order. Some Taurus boyfriends only want a girlfriend who looks good and could care less about her personality. Not all are like this...but some are.

What type of woman does Taurus man fall for?
A Woman who is sexy Knows how to dance well A woman who is Fun to talk to A woman who is Slim and attractive A woman who is Has own money to spend W woman who is Not Highly emotional Slim Independent Good Natured Likes Bargan Shopping Friendly Has a Job

Taurus Boyfriend in dating behavior

Will take you out for inexpensive dates Likes to inquire about your finances Give tips on financial planning Will still take you out even if he is working late Shy to make the first move Likes to spend time with Girlfriend as an old friend Is Very private and takes time to open up Does not have sex as an objective Seeks a woman to settle down with for the future

What not to expect from an Taurus Boyfriend

Dont expect an Taurus boyfriend to spend his money buying you lavish expensive gifts. The taurus guy will only do that if he is super wealthy. If he is not, he will become irate (silently) if you expect him to spend his hard erned cash buying you, expensive non essentialls, like Jewellery and name brand clothing.

Can you trust a Taurus boyfriend?

Yes. You can absolutely trust a Taurus boyfriend. Taurus is monogamous sign. They will be faithful to you as long as you keep your self in shape and keep your clothes and hair nice on a daily basis. Appearance means a lot to a Taurus man. Keep your self looking nice and you have yourself a husband in training.

When Taurus Boyfriend gets upset/Angry
When Taurus boyfriend gets upset he may become withdrawn and quiet. This is normal, so dont take it personal. He just needs some down time he will be back to his normal happy smiling self in no time. (sun sign) However the truth about how volatile any man really is comes from knowing his mars placement.

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